A rum
made to sip

1888 is a truly extraordinary rum, produced in the Dominican Republic and combining the rich flavours of bourbon and sherry casks through a double-ageing process.

A complex yet balanced spirit that stimulates the senses and evolves in the glass.

Enjoy 1888, sip by sip.

Our Rum

Double Ageing

1888 is first matured in hand-picked ex bourbon American oak casks, then in European oak, first-fill sherry casks.

This blend of two worlds gives 1888 a complex yet smooth flavour profile.

Sipping Notes





Red Fruits





How To Serve

Unique Ritual

1888 is best enjoyed at the balmy Dominican room temperature.

This unique ritual, we call it “The Maestro’s Tip”, reflects our brand origins and how the liquid was conceived by our master blenders.

The Maestro’s Tip

When slightly warmed (24-26°C), ex-bourbon American oak cask notes are enhanced showing its outstanding complexity with hints of vanilla, coffee, raisins and dates coming to the palate with a long finish. As it cools, the ex-sherry european cask notes are brought to the fore with hints of toffee, citrus, red fruits and peach, without losing its characteristic long finish.