A rum
made to sip

1888 rum pushes the limits of the known by exploring and innovating on how a super premium rum is enjoyed at its best.

Enjoy 1888 neat, sipped and with a deep sense of ritual.


Our Rum

Double Ageing

1888 rum leads the way in a double ageing, first for up to 8 years in hand picked ex bourbon american oak casks, followed by a second maturation for up to 6 years in european oak, first fill sherry casks.

Sipping Notes





Red Fruits





How To Serve

Unique Ritual

1888 is a drink that enlivens the sense when the serving ritual is truly embraced. It is to be enjoyed slightly warmed to match the balmy Caribbean climate. A ritual that best replicates the previous liquids origins and how it was conceived by its master blenders.

Sun Kissed

When slightly warmed (24-26°C), ex-bourbon American oak cask notes are enhanced showing its outstanding complexity with hints of vanilla, coffee, raisins and dates coming to the palate with a long finish. As it cools, the ex-sherry european cask notes are brought to the fore with hints of toffee, citrus, red fruits and peach, without losing its characteristic long finish.